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Sunday, December 18th 2005

3:34 PM

My Year In Review

Hey all!! What's up?!!! I figure since you guys didn't get to see too much of me during 2005, it would be nice to share some of the things that I did:

1) I worked 2 jobs. That really wasn't fun,but it put me closer to my goal of buying my own house. YIPPEEEEEE!!! (When I get my own house, I won't have to live under any more elephants who think that it is great fun to stomp over my head and argue,cussing each other out------- AT  3 Bloooomin #@$$$%&***@@ !!!!!   o'clock in the morning , while I'm trying to get my beauty sleep!!! (Not that even if I slept for the next million years I would look any better. Shucks , for me this is it this is as good as the looks will get......and that sure ain't sayin' much!!!)

2) A few of my friends welcomed new family members into the world

I baked the cake of course!!!! I know, I know, It's a strange looking cake. It's a baby bassinette shaped cake. I did have a little help in the assembly and decorating department with this cake. Believe me I needed it too! ( this was one large heavy cake to transport.) We had lots of people at the shower, and there was still lots of cake left over!!


Speaking of which. I made lots of goodies!!!!




I also did alot of traveling:


So how do you like my year in review so far? Interesting huh?  Next time on the year in review part two......


Mom and I in sunny California!!!!! Stay tuned!!!


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Friday, December 2nd 2005

10:45 AM

Learn to bake a yummy Upsidedown cake!!!

 Chompy Ok , I've done it!! I've put up the recipe for that deliciously ,delectably yummy Pineapple Upsidedown cheesecake!!! So, if you want to learn how to bake it, fly on down to The Flying Chef's kitchen at http://flyingchef.bravejournal.com !!! See you there!!!!


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Sunday, November 27th 2005

6:49 PM

Coming Soon.....Pineapple Upside down Cheesecake!!!!!!

Hey all!!! It's been a loooooong time!!!! I figured what better way to jump start things than a delectably yummy Pineapple upside down cake! Only this here is no regular ordinary run of the mill upside down cake. Oh  no no !! This here is a Pineapple upside down cheese cake!! So if you wanna learn how to make one of these, hop on over to the Flyingchef's Kitchen at http://flyingchef.bravejournal.com 'cause this is coming soon!!!!

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